Build Your Real Estate Business with YouTube

There are many options on Facebook and a few other places to get YouTube Training but I have yet to find one that actually teaches how to truly “do video”.  So I created a few courses to help you skip the waiting, and the big learning curve.

This one is free, and will show you how to craft videos to get people off of YouTube and into homes, and then to the closing tables we all know and love!  -Nat Wallen, Realtor – Charleston SC

More subscribers is not the only answer.

My name is Nat Wallen. I am a Realtor in Charleston, SC. I use YouTube to run my entire business, and have made videos that help people from a distance get to know my market.

I don’t have a huge channel. In fact, I only have a few thousand subscribers. And to make things even simpler on myself, I decided not to try and be the greatest YouTube Realtor the industry has ever seen. I decided to simply focus on the customer, and just try to bring as much value as possible, while also saving time for myself to actually be a Realtor. This customer centric, simpler way worked so well, that I took steps to look at a zoomed out view of everything I do, and this 5 part course will help you make your plan. I love helping people, and and now I’m here to share everything I have built with you.

Create more opportunities.

Because you're not just selling a home, you're selling your town.

Your customers will love you even more.

More clients from social media.

Offering value is the best way to find new clients on social media. But how do you get them to leave Instagram? You need to make an offer they cannot refuse.

Word of mouth later?

Creating a first impression goes beyond just the first conversation. Enhance learning your market and get more repeat and referral business.

A warmer welcome.

Customers don't rely on us as much as we think when it comes to what's for sale. They choose us because of our local knowledge.

Two places at once!

Focus on today’s business, while never losing site of tomorrow’s opportunity.

A higher price point only helps.

Making intelligent business decisions on the front end, will attract like minded people. Increase your average sale price by just being better.

Know what to make.

The go to move for agents on YouTube is the typical, top 10 reasons to move here. That's not bad, but it doesn't truly build a relationship.

Set the right expectation.

Moving is stressful. By removing your needs, and turning the focus on what your future customers cannot find, customers will know what to expect when they are finally ready.

Apple Store vs Family Dollar?

Taking simple steps to make your business more valuable starts today. This course will show you exactly what to do, and how to do it.

What students are saying


“I’m the founder and made this website before the course went live, so I don’t have any testimonials yet. I thought this was better than getting my Mom to provide a testimonial. I would encourage you to look at my channel for proof of my ability and thanks for being here!”

Nat Wallen


“Nat here again! Surprise!!! If you take this course, and feel compelled, I would love to swap out this testimony for yours. It just needs to be real, which is why I added the first one here!”

Nat Wallen


“Of course I am going to give myself 5 stars! Again, I made this page before launching the course, and plan to change out my testimonials with real feedback. Please check my YouTube channel and the comments if you need social proof before deciding. “

Nat Wallen

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