Save Gas with a
Self Guided GPS Tour

We have all experienced driving people around, showing our town, knowing they may never even buy.

There’s a better way to help people get familiar, without wasting time, money and gas in the process.  -Nat Wallen, Realtor – Charleston SC

Because we have to focus on today's income.

Yes, we do need to provide value and we can’t ignore the opportunities that are early in the process. I understand that. We also have to take steps to protect our own interests because we aren’t taxicab drivers, and we’re certainly not working for Uber either.

Here’s the backstory on how I created the first self guided GPS tour for the real estate industry.

It was in the frenzy of what we all know the Covid real estate market was back in 2020. My YouTube channel brings in lots of people, and I wasn’t managing things like I should have that day. And yep, I accidentally double booked myself and was super stressed to find a solution. I didn’t have a team, and I didn’t want to refer them out to another agent. I got to work that night and came up with a simple PDF that they could use to tour my city on their own.This worked so well, that I took steps to refine it, and now I’m here to share it with you.

Because you're not just selling a home, you're selling your town.

Your customers will love you even more.

Get Clients from Social Media Now

Offering value is the best way to find new clients on social media. But how do you get them to leave Instagram? You need to make an offer they cannot refuse.

Word of Mouth Later

Creating a first impression goes beyond just the first conversation. Enhance learning your market and get more repeat and referral business.

A Warmer Welcome

Customers don't rely on us as much as we think when it comes to what's for sale. They choose us because of our local knowledge.

Two Places at Once

Focus on today’s business, while never losing site of tomorrow’s opportunity.

A Higher Price Point

Making intelligent business decisions on the front end, will attract like minded people. Increase your average sale price by just being better.

Know What to Make

I started with a basic list of stopping points on my first tour. Then I listened to the feedback. Skip to the front of the line by knowing what to include.

Spotlight Local Businesses

Use the GPS Tour as your community outreach and include local business owners in the tour. Send customers to your favorite restaurants.

Apple Store vs Family Dollar?

Taking simple steps to make your business more valuable starts today. Thsi course will show you exactly what to do, and how to do it.

What students are saying


“I’m the founder and made this website before the course went live, so I don’t have any testimonials yet. I thought this was better than getting my Mom to provide one. I would encourage you to look at my channel for proof of my ability and thanks for being here!”

Nat Wallen


“Nat here again! Surprise!!! If you take this course, and feel compelled, I would love to swap out this testimony for yours. It just needs to be real, which is why I added the first one here!”

Nat Wallen


“Of course I am going to give myself 5 stars! Again, I made this page before launching the course, and plan to change out my testimonials with real feedback. Please check my YouTube channel and the comments if you need social proof before deciding. “

Nat Wallen

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