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YouTube Success

Everybody says we real estate professionals need to do video. But how? Where do we learn how to make good videos? Where do we get the skills to make them better than the others? 

I launched my first YouTube Video over ten years ago, I run my entire business with YouTube, and I made this course so you can fast track your way to more real estate success. -Nat Wallen, Realtor – Charleston SC

How is this better than YouTube Coaching?

YouTube coaches are not a bad thing, but you still need the skills to actually pull off what they are telling you to do. And yes you can wing it, and figure it out on your own, but creating bad content can really hurt your brand if you aren’t careful. 

My name is Nat Wallen. I have been selling homes since 1995, and have been making videos of Charleston, SC since 2011. In 2017, I started the journey of making the highest quality content possible, and let me tell you, in hindsight, this was the best move I could have made. 

My price point has increased, and I frequently sell multi million dollar homes from customers that just watch a few of my videos. (I really only have 5 that do the work). And thank goodness I don’t have to follow the advice of the average YouTube gurus pushing us to make videos all the time. Who has time for this?

Take a look at the video below to get a comprehensive look at everything included in the course, and I look forward to meeting you in the ExpertCRM Community. That’s where we host the courses. 

Increase Your Average Sale Price

Why YouTube Is So Important

Find Clients Now!

Other social networks have their place. YouTube is better because it is a learning based platform. People want info now.

Word of Mouth Later

They get to know from a distance and your post closing experience transcends just being another closing. It creates friendships.

A Warmer Welcome

YouTube Dials in your message, make you more valuable, and brings the clients you want.

Two Places at Once

Focus on today’s business, while never losing site of tomorrow’s opportunity.

A Higher Price Point

Learn skills, make better videos, show expensive homes, make more money.

Know What to Make

One great video that answers the right questions, converts better than 10 “YouTuber” fluff videos.

Subscribers vs Buyers?

Which is better? Numbers on a screen or buyers in your car? No need to be a great YouTuber, just a stellar Realtor.

Apple Store vs Family Dollar?

New skills make customers feel excited to work with you, vs an average, normal agent.

What’s Included in the course?

A complete plan to pull people off of YouTube and into your real estate world.
Create an amazing studio that you can roll in and out of a corner.
Walk through the build step by step, so you’ll finish with the perfect setup.
I made some important changes here that will save tons of effort, and money too!
How to size and where to source the perfect channel art to meet your brand.
Deliver buttery smooth, confident content to bring the most value.
Learn how to record and edit your screen to show your blog, your market or anything you can think of to just make better videos.
How to edit your screen, your talking head video and your audio with Screenflow.
Step by step recording of your channel’s welcome video.
Free, and by far, the best editing software for real estate agents. The pros use this, and it’s not hard at all.
The Thumbnail, the hook, the bumper, the content, the call to action.. all of it bundled up into the best video creation plan there is for agents who want to do more with video.

This quick intro technique will help establish your brand, and if you are clever enough about it, will even help you sell higher end homes.

Yes, there is a plan needed here as well. See an upload
happen so every question is answered before letting the world know about your great content!

What students are saying


“I’m the founder and made this website before the course went live, so I don’t have any testimonials yet. I thought this was better than getting my neighbor to provide a testimonial. I would encourage you to look at my channel for proof of my ability and take one of my free courses to get a feel for my approach if needed.”

Nat Wallen


“Nat here again! Surprise!!! If you take this course, and feel compelled, I would love to swap out this testimony for yours. It just needs to be real, which is why I added the first one here!”

Nat Wallen


“Of course I am going to give myself 5 stars! Again, I made this page before launching the course, and plan to change out my testimonials with real feedback. Please check my YouTube channel and the comments if you need social proof before deciding. “

Nat Wallen

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